My 5 planets in Virgo will never accept that sniffing's OK!

April 28 cont

I was one of about 5 gaijin (foreigners) on the connecting flight from Papeete to Japan - all the rest were young Japanese couples.

Watching the interactions was insightful.

Everyone was extremely quiet - couples whispering discretely to each other. No raised voices or laughter.

All the couples seemed to have a 'best friends' kind of body language. The men seemed to be very attentive and engaged in their partners, but then, I didn't know what kind of 'holiday' they'd just had (wink wink).

There was no cross interaction, however, with fellow travellers. Maybe they'd just spent 2 weeks all on the same package deal and couldn't stand each other - I'd been there before.

And I noticed numerous people sniffing - loud and often. I thought it might have been the altitude and stale cabin air because I was needing to blow my nose often too.

Later when I was studying the Lonely Planet - I read that it was socially unacceptable to blow ones nose in public - that it was preferable to sniff until being able to go to the bathroom...

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