Narrowly Missing Missing Planes &Trains

April 30 cont...

I hit the Virtual Brick Wall 2 or 3 times - and I hadn't even had lunch. My boss Tony knew the look I got and said I looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. I thought I looked more like a hyperventilating Goldfish. Yet each time I was able to find someone to show me (or in the case of the elderly Information Centre man, lead me rapidly) to the right place, platform, train etc.

At one point I was almost dizzy from doing circles on the spot, looking for any signs that I was even in the right station, much less on the right platform and was surprised to hear someone behind me say in perfect english 'Do you need help?'.
I turned around to find an older American gentleman (from Kansas) who helped me on to the train I needed. If he had promised to be my GPS till death did us part, I would have married him right then.

When I finally found the place to buy the ticket, I was able to get a return fare to Mount Koya including entry. After I bought the ticket, I wasn't sure if Nankai was the station I needed to return to or if I should have gone back to Osaka (turns out Nankai wasn't even a station but the name of the train company - so that was never going to work), or even if I was going to stay on Mount Koya.
When I talked to the Kansas Man, he said I could catch a train to Shikoku from the fifth floor of the building we were in. I definitely wouldn't have worked that one out!

Nobody told me Gotham City was a suberb of Osaka.

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