Getting Connected

April 29 cont...

Busting! Asked directions to bathroom - right in front of me.

No mobile phone reception! Asked directions to Vodafone store - 2 stores down.

All bad news at Vodafone.
Hara San did everything she could to get phone connected but couldn't. We tried to ring her New Zealand contact number but got the opposition, Telecom!
I burst into tears. The money The Saint paid and the trouble my boss went to to help me get global roaming - all a waste. I decided to go back to my locker to get the contact number I had on my contract.

As soon as I put my key in, the counter zeroed so I had to pay another ¥400 once I got the Vodafone paperwork out.
Not gonna cry!
Not gonna have a tantrum!
Want to go home right now!

I took a deep breath then went back to the shop. We rang Vodafone New Zealand (with Hara San hurriedly updating her contact list) and I talked to HT (that was her name). She then talked to a nervous Hara San. HT said the contract hadn't been completed properly - which she was going to do right then - and that I would be connected in five minutes.

Hara San and I counted down those minutes then I encouraged her to do the honours. She was really nervous - and then jubilant when it worked. It was worth all the stress just to see the look of satisfaction and joy on her face.

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