Seating Arrangements

April 29 cont

Nowhere in Tokyo station could I find somewhere to sit (much less lie) down so I went to a faceless cafe. Luckily the plastic displays reminded me a bit too graphically of Cheech and Chongs 'Dogshit' so I saved a modest mortgage on food.

Finally I found some odd seats, in the far corner of the station, consisting of two padded poles. They were so high off the ground, everyone was swinging their legs. Was this to discourage loitering? The people standing around looked a bit too eager for one of the sitters to unsit, and I didn't have faith that the 3 seconds of Tai Chi I could remember was going to fend off any of them if I jumped the queue, so I went back to what I had a blank belt in - Mindless Wandering...


EL to Steven:

Tokyo could cause an addiction to Constant Stimulation! Dichotomies like being able to smoke inside but not outside, a distinguished looking older gentleman being escorted forcefully by 4 Police. The only seating at train station are two vinyl covered poles running horizontally-one behind back, the other under legs and about a metre off the ground-almost need a leg up! Sculptures everywhere and such aesthetic streets. Wish you could see it all!

Steven to EL:

So Tokyo is kinda like Palmerston North, or maybe Stratford?

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