Going Back Into The Cave

April 29 cont...

When I left Starbucks, I gave the boy back the pen I had borrowed off him to write, with ¥100. When I worked it out, I gave him about $1.50 which is probably why he tried to give it back.

I got lost trying to return to the train station - probably because I was going in the opposite direction. As it was, when I got back towards it, the construction site I thought was just opposite it (but decided there were probably 100 sites like it and walked past it) was the construction site opposite it.

When I got back underground I was stunned to instantly recognise where I was (beside the Vodafone store) and headed straight to the Sitting Poles.

When I was in the Vodafone store ealier, Hara San had a trainee guy who sat silently beside her, listening to and watching everything she said and did. When she got up and walked out the back, he followed. When she went to get a list from under the counter, he followed.
I was impressed with how focussed on her task she was because, if one couldn't see his physical form, one would never know he existed by the way she was able to ignore him.

When I walked back past tonight, I looked in and saw Hara San, walking through the shop with her shadow still following.
Was he really training or was he paying to trail her? I would have to ask Madam Mary how I could tell the difference.

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