Fair suck of the Sav mate!?

April 29 cont...

The bus finally left, surprisingly with me on it.

I was so afraid my embarrassing lack of Japanese would help me only in missing it, that I sat at the stop for an hour.
Sat being the pleasant surprise - the one redeeming feature of having my pack so full was that I could sit on top of it comfortably.

I talked to a wonderful salt-of-the-earth Japanese Christian woman the same age as me. She had seen Lord of The Rings and loved the country side. She thought all the actors were Kiwis.

She said I had a Crocodile Dundee (Australian) accent. I asked her if that was why no-one seemed to understand me and looked at me blank, but she suggested, matter of factly, that it was more likely shock at my (lack of) hair.

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