Regrets I Have

Travel start eve - April 28

1: That I didn't go to the doctor the minute I got a strep throat last week

Now it's the morning of the first day of travel. I'm coughing so much I've given up on sleep. My chest cavity feels like an Antique Nut Cracker and my throat feels like a funny bone.
Each day I hope for signs that I've turned a corner but the only corner is the one I've backed myself into and the window for seeing my own doctor has shut.
The worst though, is not how it is for me, but how irritating I am to be around. Over the next 15 hours I'm going to be surrounded by people who'll be forced to endure my cough and germs and I won't know how to say 'Please put me out of our misery' in Japanese.

2: That I didn't do more in depth research into what things cost

I have no idea whether a train trip is going to cost me ¥1,000 or ¥10,000. I don't know how much food or accomodation costs. I researched it so long ago I've forgotten.
I have a meagre budget of ¥32,000 per week - roughly ¥5,000 ($75 NZD) per day. I seem to remember that a modest room in backpacker style alone is around that much. I had been looking forward to eating food at some stage.

3: That I didn't buy the very shoes I'm wearing 3 months ago when I first tried them on

I have blisters already. The shoes are miles away from being broken in, from even being comfortable. My boss shared his 'number 8 wire' tramping trick of using Gaffer Tape on rubbed places to prevent blisters.
I'm counting on this working.

4: That I didn't make better use of the time I had in the last month

This past week I've been getting to bed no sooner than 2am then getting little sleep because of coughing. As I write this I'm constantly faint.
Although my four jobs are up to date, I've left only crutches at three of them without the instructions how to use them. I'll walk back into chaos and no-one will be accountable but me...

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