What I Got Right

Travel start eve cont - April 28

1: Having the courage to do a high dive by braille out of my comfort zone

2: Getting a mobile phone that was patented by James Bond

3: Keeping everyone more informed and organised than a concertina file

4: Not sparing expense with gear. A week ago I had enough for a day trip to the Wellington Zoo. Thanks to The Saint, I'm as fully equipped as my limited knowledge could anticipate

5: Seeing there were no Temples or Deities dedicated to either Abba or Trance therefore halving the contents of my backpack

6: Going to bed at 2am each morning in order to have a clear conscience

7: Stocking up on generous and caring friends and family

8: Having my health checked on long before I was ready to leave. My iron levels (and energy) have improved immeasurably and I'm reasonably fit. Didn't need teeth work - didn't need injections - didn't need tracking device implanted.

9: Getting all of my business affairs aligned. ie: New passport, license, bank card. And paying all bills three months in advance so I'll still have a months grace when I get back

10: Not giving up hope or faith, at any time over the past six months, that I'm meant to be doing this for reasons more profound than I'm consciously aware of

Steven McGregor to EL:

Go girl, a big(ger) adventure has started. And also a constant stream of minutes each of which you'll remember for the rest of your life, that have real meaning - unlike the forgetful minutes and hours we will continue to sleepwalk through.

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