Regaining Sanity in Shin-Osaka

May 1 cont...

When the worst passed and I felt empty, I halfheartedly retrieved the crumpled information sheet to get bearings around the Hostel. Eventually I rolled off my bunk and cleaned up my face to have a look around. I braved a peek into the (communal) bathroom and was thrilled to find a seperate gorgeous shower room. With an 'I'm SO there!!', I sprinted back down to my room, got my shower stuff and small amount of laundry and raced back up again before anyone could tell me it was for Japanese, Long Term or Sane guests only.

I was so excited! My first shower since I left home and it even had soap and shampoo. I washed and shaved and (vehemently denying the possibility five minutes earlier) sang. Conveniently, the laundry was in the same bathroom area. Washing machines were ¥300 and dryers were ¥100, so I handwashed my laundry in the shower, put it in the dryer then went back to the room.

As I was putting my shower stuff away there was a polite knock on the door and an elderly Japanese woman came in. I guessed she must be the fourth roomate but she looked really vague so I showed her which bed was hers, and when she was having trouble with her key, I showed her her locker and how it worked.
Her name was Kimiori San.
We tried to communicate but it was difficult.

Just then an announcement came over the intercom that there was free tea and coffee in the lounge. Earlier I had noticed a dark skinned American (AKA English Speaking!) man and hoped I might get a chance to chat with him. I went up to the common room and tried not to seem too eager when I saw that he was there, so I casually made a coffee and sat down. He said Hello, introduced himself and gave me two biscuits (like two wafers with Nutella in between) which I called Dinner.

The man, however, was talking to someone else but I had noticed there was internet, so, before the indentation of the previous users butt had disappeared, I was logged on and checking emails.

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