The Damn Bursts

May 1 cont...

I didn't think it was possible but things got even worse giving me sudden insight into why my hair was only 1\2 cm long - so I couldn't pull it out!

I finally got help finding a Youth Hostel - I just had to get from Namba Station to Shin-Osaka Station, go out the exit and walk two blocks. A doddle if you walk out the correct exit - which I didn't of course. I had to ring them twice just to get there but they were soooo patient and Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel, in the Koko Plaza, was soooo flash it was worth it. I found out it was only two years old and joy-of-joys, the two reception guys spoke reasonable English.

I went to my room and, I don't know why, was surprised to find it was a four bed dorm. I could see there were two other roomates already there but thankfully they were out.

I felt like a grenade that hadn't had it's pin in for quite some time and just wanted to explode already! I collapsed on my bed and writhed with sobs of regret and humiliation.

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