April 29 cont...

The bus was really a small dormitory made for long distance travel. All the curtains were pulled when we got on. My seat reclined right back so I did what I saw others doing and looked back to the person behind me to indicate I was about to lie my head in their lap.

There was a little flap in the back of the seat in front that one pulls down to put ones feet into in order to stretch out fully.
I discovered it helps to arrange the flap before reclining because I found myself in a contortionist maneuver Houdini might have seen as a profound revelation.

However, I needn't have wondered how much I could have charged for that show because everyone was asleep already.

It amazes me how Japanese can sleep so well while traveling. And that's from someone whose been known to sleep standing up in a phone box!

There was a young guy on the plane from Tahiti, who, I swear slept every waking second! He seemed to have a degree in Catatonia. He went to the bathroom once, ate his meals efficiently with his eyes closed and slept.
And he seemed to be able to sleep at odd angles, with one foot in his shoe and the other one resting half in the other shoe. The hostess even had to wake him (un-gently) to ask him to put his belt on for landing, which he did, then promptly fell asleep again.

The other thing I noticed on the bus was that not one person snored.
In fact, I could only hear one person even breathing and that was the elderly woman beside me, which was probably just as well.

Later in the night I felt I was safe in blowing my nose.

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